• MER- 2330 Canal St & 24th St ...

MER- 2330 Canal St & 24th St
Thur Through Sun from9am- 4pm
Gas Power weed wacker, Whirpool washer & dryer, 8 ft. by 12 ft. rectangular trampoline ,Spa/Pool, heater , filter,timer. Pride reclining lift chair, cast iron / porcelain sinks, bird cages & feeders, hot wheels and tracks, rice dispenser, hot & cold water cooler, oak table and chairs, antique dresser & mirror, pick up truck utility box, antique sewing machine, shot glasses & fridge magnets , record albums and tapes, 5 running vehicules, barstools , mixers & bowls, toys games & puzzles.
Call for early preview 559-560-7995

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